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No matter what your fitness level is, we have a class for you! Drop ins are very much welcome.  Class list below.

Fit. Fitter. Fittest! Instructor is Jordan Miller
Stop in for a motivational group fitness workout with Certified Personal Trainer Jordan Miller.  This is a strengths based workout designed to increase strength and get a good cardio workout all at once. Have a fun time getting fit with friends. Whether you're looking to get fit, fitter or fittest this workout accommodates all fitness levels.
Saturday mornings at 9:30am

Indoor Cycling: Instructor is Luciana Echazu
Upbeat music and our instructor will keep you moving and sweating! The bike's easily adjustable resistance ensure you will always get an intense cardio workout without the impact of running.
Thursday mornings at 6:05am

Pilates: Instructor is Katherine Catimon
Strengthen and stabilize your core using Pilates movements.  This class is great for all fitness levels.  Fantastic addition for those looking to round out their cardio and weight lifting regime.  Tuesday morning at 6:05am

Total Body/Kettlebell Workout: Instructor is Katherine Catimon
Master both basic and advanced movements in this fun 60 minute morning workout. The off-center weight of the kettlebell helps you build functional strength and improve your posture. A touch of cardio helps round things out.
Monday mornings at 6:05am

Gentle Core Yoga: Instructors are Len & Sharmain
Strengthen, stretch, and tone your entire body, and especially your core muscles with a gentle flow of yogic poses and deep breathing. Develop a new awareness of your body, improve your balance, relieve muscle soreness from a hard workout, or eliminate stresses stored in muscle and connective tissue with this relaxing and challenging yoga session.
Wednesday & Friday mornings at 6:05am

Class Rates: Fitness Classes are FREE for fitness center members and $5.00 for non-fitness center members.

Class times and offering may vary from what is listed above. Please call 262-0482 to verify specific dates and times and to sign up for a class.